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Swagelok Azerbaijan

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Dielectric Fittings

Dielectric Fittings

Dielectric Fittings and Adapters

Swagelok Dielectric fittings and adapters protect the accuracy of monitoring instruments by isolating the instruments from the effects of electrical currents and maintaining full fluid flow.

Molded thermoplastic insulation with excellent electrical, chemical, and ultraviolet resistance and low water absorption maintains dielectric strength and integrity over a wide range of operating and climatic conditions. Gaugeable Swagelok tube fitting or tapered pipe thread end connections (NPT/BSP) provide direct connection to tubing or piping systems.


Pressure Ratings 5000 psig (344 bar)
Temperature Ratings –40 to 200°F (–40 to 93°C)
Electric Resistance of Insulators at 70°F (20°C) 10 × 106 Ω at 10 V (dc)
Body 316 stainless steel
Insulators Polyamide-imide
Quad Seal Fluorocarbon FKM
Backup Ring Virgin PTFE
End Connections
Types Swagelok tube fitting, male NPT
Sizes 1/4, 3/8, 1/2 in.; 12 mm

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Safe Product Selection: The complete catalog contents must be reviewed to ensure that the system designer and user make a safe product selection. When selecting products, the total system design must be considered to ensure safe, trouble-free performance. Function, material compatibility, adequate ratings, proper installation, operation, and maintenance are the responsibilities of the system designer and user.

⚠ Warning: Do not mix/interchange Swagelok products or components not governed by industrial design standards, including Swagelok tube fitting end connections, with those of other manufacturers.