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Swagelok Azerbaijan

Your Authorized Swagelok Sales and Service Centre

Fabrication, Assembly & Build

Swagelok design and assembly services

Fabrication, Assembly & Build (FAB) from Swagelok Azerbaijan

Our sales and service no longer has to finish with the supply of valves and fittings. We have a whole range of additional services certified, authorised and approved by Swagelok. Swagelok Azerbaijan now offers you a dedicated business unit focussed on helping you produce your fluid systems efficiently and cost effectively.

With a dedicated Technical Centre, the Swagelok Fabrication, Assembly & Build (FAB) team is ready to help you succeed now.

The Swagelok FAB team can assist you in taking your ideas from concept to reality, just provide us with your system requirements and let us do the rest.

Swagelok FAB can provide you with bespoke assemblies, manufactured components and special products, either locally or from the Swagelok global supply chain.

  • Swagelok Azerbaijan Assemblies
  • Swagelok General Industrial Custom Fabrications (GICF)
  • Swagelok Engineered To Order Products (ETOP)
  • Swagelok Biopharmaceutical Services Company (SBSC) Assemblies
  • CAD Layout & Drawing to your design
  • Kitted Deliveries
  • Provision of 3rd Party Products (i.e non-Swagelok parts) - such as Gas Cylinder Connections, Pneumatic Products & General Utility Valves to enable you to source more product from a single supplier

If you would like to find out more about Swagelok FAB, Hire Equipment or other services available from Swagelok Azerbaijan, please contact our Customer Service Team on +994 12492 4617 or email